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Student Government

The Sharjah American International School- Abu Dhabi branch Student Council consists of officers and class representatives who are elected by the Middle School and High School to represent them. Student Council teaches self-government and leadership through participation in parliamentary procedures and the election process. Students who wish to run for Student Council must meet certain guidelines, such as a minimum grade point average, a good discipline record, etc. In addition, each pair of students who run for an officer position must create a video or a speech that is delivered to all Middle School and High School students during the election assembly.

For 2019-2020 our student government and council elections were held in October. In our Elementary section students voted for their class representatives as well as their Minister of Happiness and Minister of Tolerance. In our MS/HS boys and girls sections, student council elections took place for Grades 5 to Grade 7 in which students chose their elected class representatives. Our student government elections are comprised of Grade 8 and Grade 9 students. The positions that were filled include Minister of Happiness, Minister of Tolerance, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President.

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