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Middle School


Middle school represents a turning point where students have to use the knowledge they have learned to launch themselves into the future.

Students have many physical and psychological changes that are part of the normal transition that characterize the young adolescent. It is the time through which students develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. They are “no longer a child, but not yet an adult.” It is a difficult stage for students, teachers and parents as well.

Our tolerant and understanding staff in the middle school will guide students to smoothly pass through this stage and reach their maximum academic potential.

In the Middle School, students are trained to become active participants in a program provides firm academic grounding in different subjects and promotes the students’ full intellectual, physical, moral, and social development.

The learning process is student-centered, enabling students to think for themselves, encouraging innovation, and full participation. Teachers encourage independent learning and empower students to take more responsibilities to enable opportunities for success for each student in school.

We believe that students learn in different ways and they bring their individual methods, interests, talents and diverse cultures, family backgrounds, and socioeconomic levels to the learning environment. This diversity drives teachers to cater a differentiated instruction.

The Corona Virus Pandemic changed every aspect of school immediately.  It is not just the move from face-to-face learning into remote learning.

Promoting mental health and wellbeing as a core role in education, would help Middle School facilitate an anti-bullying environment that supports tolerance, integrity, compassion and responsibility. Thus, shaping students’ characters and personalities.

Extra-curricular activities are essential to develop the entire student. The school offers a wide variety of after-school activities and clubs such as cooking, chess and robotics.

In addition to the focus on local traditions by celebrating National Day, Ramadhan and Eid, our students develop a global awareness through celebrating Earth Day, participating in cancer awareness campaigns and enjoying International Games Day.

Our ultimate goal is to create a healthy, supportive and motivating environment for our adolescents, which will enable them to turn their dreams into achievable goals

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