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   Kindergarten (KG1 and KG2)   


Take a step into our Kindergarten section, and you’ll find a student-centered environment built on a strong tradition of excellence and dedication. At SAIS, we believe in the dignity and value of all children. We believe that intellectual and social skills are best learned in an environment where confidence is developed, and respect is absolute. We believe that children learn best through inquiry-based approaches, exploration, and problem solving.

Our goal is to provide a strong base of knowledge and skills through a wide range of core subjects that are vital to the life of SAIS kindergarten curriculum – a curriculum that is planned to cater for all areas of your child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. Our core subjects are English, Math, and Science as well as special subjects such as Arabic, Art, Computer, and Physical Education.

Our devoted teachers implement an academic program that focuses on each students’ uniqueness and individual capabilities.  The students receive instruction whereby Mathematics, Science, and Social studies are infused with literacy enriched activities, rather than being taught as separate subject areas.  Additionally, every student is encouraged to make choices and explore curiosities to motivate them to enjoy learning. Language development is a key component of the Kindergarten curriculum.  Enhanced language skills prepare our kindergarten students to think critically and problem-solve.  The teachers strive to provide the best possible education to our students by offering them limitless opportunities to succeed in establishing the building blocks of their education while preparing them for their forthcoming years.

We realize that parents are the first teachers in their children's lives, so we invite you to be involved in your child’s early learning through open communication and thoughtful collaboration.

We look forward to caring for your child and having a positive impact in their early development. 

Please feel free to visit the school for a tour or to meet the teachers.

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